Welcome to our School Open Day Activities in Mbengwi

"Learning without play makes Jack a dull boy". For this reason we the CNVfoundation team launched its first ever play and learn campaign in the Catholic School of Mbengwi in 2014. We carried  out some informal learning school activities. It was a day full of fun. To learn more about our day out with the kids, .

Promoting intercultural exchange with the Confirmation Class of Köniz

There is nothing great as talking about your own culture while living in another cultural setting. It was my pleasure spending a day with the confirmation Class in Köniz- Switzerland like we do in Cameroon. Our activities were characterised by a powerpoint presentation, Cooking, and eating together beside other social activities like  in Cameroon.

Bridging the digital gap in the schools in Limbe Cameroon

Thanks to the wonderful gesture made by the Spitex Region Köniz, through the donations of the Nexus (Pocket PC) to facilitate the transfer of data among the students and within the  schools. 

Medical Camp Mbengwi 2017


To improve Menstrual Health Awareness and Management among girls through culturally acceptable and regionally adapted health promotion messages.

1. To increase and educate girls  with the basic knowledge about MHM. 

2.  To effectively manage and sustain menstrual hygiene and sanitation practices;

3. To reduce the increasing rate of unwanted pregnancy