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The CNVFoundation is grateful for the generosity of other Organisations and individuals who have supported our organisation. We also wish to acknowledge our anonymous supporters. 

Projects Developments

We are currently seeking sponsors for a number of programs. We are also very keen to start the production of organic menstrual  pads in Mbengwi.  Should you or your company be interested to support any of our projects, please contact  us. We will be delighted to share our information with you. Thanks.

Support us by volunteering in one of our Projects below,

1. Educational Programs ,

2. Vocational Training Activities,

3. Sustainability Projects

4. Health awearness programs


Thinking about supporting our Projects financially. 


We are more than grateful for your wonderful gesture to our Organization. All donations go directly to the benefit of the population in Cameroon. Our aim is  to construct and maintain a vocational center for the underpriviledged population in and around Mbengwi 

Our  Account details are;

Cho Ngafor Vocational Foundation

Spühlirian 44

3098 Schliern b. Köniz


IBAN CH52 0900 0000 8553 9419 5

Pc-Nr  85-539419-5

For material support